Corporate Blogging: Country Curtains

Boosting brand awareness and traffic to the Country Curtains website were the goals of this blogging and social media project, which leaned heavily on content creation that didn’t only revolve around curtains, but decor, cooking, holiday planning, and much more.


Color Conversations: Home Decor Insights from Amy Woolf, Color Consultant

Oh My Gourd! Decorating with Pumpkins

Once and Future Writers: The Fall Reading List

Summer Side Dishes at Home and On-the-go

Tanglewood Picnics: Fanciful Outdoor Feasts

Craft Fair Season Favorites, Coast-to-Coast

Independence Day Decor that’s Personal and Patriotic

Celebrate Motherhood with International Flair

We’re Readying for the Pantry, Because we Can!

Grill Recipes for the Man with the Spatula

Looking for a Window-style Win? It’s All Tied Up!

Celebrating 50 Years of Curtain Fashion

Clip-ring Curtains: The Case is Open and Shut






This project was completed in tandem with marketing agency Winstanley Partners.

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