Lean in to Long Form

  Think blogging is dead? Hopefully not, since you're here. But for more proof, check out my latest article... Blogging Isn't Dead, It Relocated.  

Get on the Bus: Next Stop Virtual Blog Tour!

A couple of weeks ago, author, artist and mom Suzi Banks Baum (look, it rhymes) invited me to join the “My Writing Process” blog tour. This tour rolls out across three new bloggers each time the bus leaves the station; I'm one of three posting today, and in a couple of weeks down the road, … Continue reading Get on the Bus: Next Stop Virtual Blog Tour!

Tastes like Learning*

You know what I can't stand? Social media seminars that charge an arm, leg, and first-born for an hour-long talk, a slew of white table cloths, and some rubbery chicken facsimile that gets stuck in my lower intestine sometime around 2 pm. I also loathe the idea that all social seminars worth attending are held … Continue reading Tastes like Learning*