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Sinking my Teeth into Professional Development: Accessibility Edition

It's been a minute (as the kids-these-days say) since I've taken on any substantial professional development. I'm always reading articles, white papers, and case studies relative to this communicative world we live in, but the professional, personal, and pandemic stressors of today have kept me from enrolling in any kind of course that would add … Continue reading Sinking my Teeth into Professional Development: Accessibility Edition

HVAC Trading Cards? Sure, Why Not?

HVAC doesn't sound like the most exciting topic to write about, but it's actually pretty interesting. The industry has long been a leader in energy efficiency, for instance. New technologies are always being applied to the development of products, and in the U.S., the "Made in USA" logo truly means something -- creating not just … Continue reading HVAC Trading Cards? Sure, Why Not?

Writing on the Flip

Writers have come a long way in terms of where their words can be seen. Once relegated to the printed page, now we're writing for virtual places all the time. That's what made a recent -- and very tactile -- writing assignment so unusual and fun. I was charged with writing a few highlights regarding … Continue reading Writing on the Flip

Madvertising Update

I met real-life Mad Woman Jane Maas this week -- author of Mad Women, her memoir of life as a copywriter at top Madison Avenue ad shops. The biggest takeaway of the day, for me, was that at 80 Jane Maas has the energy of a 20-something. I hope I have half the energy at … Continue reading Madvertising Update