Madvertising Update

Clockwise: Jane Maas signs copies of her book; Erin, copywriter at Winstanley Partners, chats with Jane; I show off my copy of Mad Women; Jane’s inscription in my copy of her book.

I met real-life Mad Woman Jane Maas this week — author of Mad Women, her memoir of life as a copywriter at top Madison Avenue ad shops.

The biggest takeaway of the day, for me, was that at 80 Jane Maas has the energy of a 20-something. I hope I have half the energy at that age – I feel like I have about half now.

I also Tweeted up a storm though, recording some of Jane’s best lines of the day. There’s something for everybody here.

Tidbits from Jane Maas:
• Women represent 3% of all agency creative directors in the U.S.

• Women in ad agencies today make an average of 90 cents on the dollar compared to men.

• ‘We have to go back to the old lesson that we can’t put money into too many different slices of pie.’

• ‘an ad can’t make anybody do anything’

• Jane Maas’ favorite campaign she’s worked on is I Love New York.

•’My secret of success is that I’m little. I don’t intimidate men, and I don’t intimidate women.’

• Jane Maas used to write ‘spontaneous dialogue’ for Name That Tune.

• ‘Have women come a long way in ad agencies? My answer is no.’

• ‘I knew there was pot smoking going on at Ogilvy, but especially at Wells Rich Greene.’

• ‘get the money before they screw you.’

• ‘Linda’, a copywriter, lost her virginity to the account exec on Lime Jell-o.


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