2020 Blogtoberfest Viewing, part one

As part of my own personal Blogtoberfest celebration, I try to ingest at least 31 Halloween-appropriate movies or shows in October and share the list here, for anyone looking for ideas.

I think, given that I’ve already logged 24 spooktastic viewings, reaching 31 this year will be no problem. It’s a mix of new viewings, rewatches, kids’ programming for family time, and plenty of horrors, thrillers, and chillers.

In the parlance of Tik Tok, like for part two. 🙂

*The Last House on the Left (1972) – an infamous seventies slasher. Click here for a break-out post inspired by this viewing.

*The Last House on the Left (2009) – had to watch the remake for full measure. A great retelling; Aaron Paul makes an appearance.

*The Lodge – wintery psychological thriller starring Riley Keough with some strong Hereditary parallels.

*Goodnight Mommy – click here for a break-out post on this film, directed by the same team as The Lodge.

Nightmare Before Christmas – my daughter decided she likes this one, so we’ve been happily watching it on repeat since mid-September.

*The Worst Witch – a series on Netflix that’s also a fan favorite for the younger set. Fun fact — Headmaster Cackle is played by Clare Higgins, who’s been blogged here before.

*The Prodigy – creepy kid horror with a few solid jump-scares.

Friday the 13th parts 2 – 8 – I binged the meat of the franchise in a few nights. Always a joy.

*13 Cameras – Gross abduction and voyeurism thriller with a perfectly horrible villian.

*Child’s Play (2019) – a revised retelling of the original with Mark Hamill on vox for Chucky.

*14 Cameras – More gross peeping-Tomism ramped up for the sequel.

Cabin in the Woods – Always a fun romp with Bradley Whitford.

*Pledge – Illuminati horror that borders on a comedy-horror thanks to some funny writing for frat bros.

*Sinister – Ethan Hawke plays a brooding tortured-artist type – real stretch – and Vincent D’onofrio makes an equally typecast cameo.

*Border – I didn’t have much context going in to this one, and that’s a good way to enter. Just be warned that this Swedish fantasy-thriller-crime-feature gets weird.

*Wrinkles the Clown – a documentary, but unnerving nonetheless.

*Sinister II – Picks up more-or-less where Sinister leaves off. Not as good as the first, but a valiant effort with an appearance by Shannyn Sossamon  — who is considerably less bony than she was in the nineties.

digital illustration of jugsaw, villian from saw movie franchise

*Jigsaw – Basically Saw VIII, but a strong entry into the franchise — if not a little repetitive on theme.

*The Houses October Built 2 – Hard to tell what’s real and what’s fiction in this pseudo-documentary about haunted houses, which should have probably been an actual documentary about haunted houses.

*Denotes a first-time watch

Call for Blogtoberfest Entries!

I always welcome guest posts at The Jump, but I take the collection thereof more seriously from October 1 to All Hallows Eve. The results have been varied and awesome, ranging in topic from witches to zombies to Neil Diamond.

Over the years, Blogtoberfest Guest Post submissions evolved into a full-on contest, with winners, prizes, and the bestowing of appropriate amounts of online glory.

Winners will be decided by readers via an online poll at the end of the month. There’s no length requirement or limit, and posts need not be spooky. October is also the month of harvest, baseball, and Breast Cancer Awareness. It may be that you or your organization has an annual event this month that deserves a little publicity. Whatever the topic – if it says October to you is fair game!

Prizes will be announced soon, and posts are accepted throughout the month, so get writing and send your entries to writerjax -at-!

Weird October Food 2018: The DIY Edition

Here we go — my favorite post of the year! The annual round-up of all the weird things I can find happening in the culinary scene during the witching season.

This post always takes a different turn, and this year, it’s a decidedly do-it-your-damn-self kind of list.

Bone In

Take, for instance, the Skeleton Table trend. A few years ago, it was all about Meatheads, but this takes the undead party-platter idea a few femurs further by filling a skeleton’s rib cage with delicious fixin’s. In my research, I found appetizer corpses, dinner bladders, and gut-busting desserts, all laid out in situ.

Thanks for sticking with me through the puns there.

Noodle Nocturne

Squid ink ramen

The trend of black or blackened foods has come up here before, but never before have I stumbled on something so beautiful as Daniel Gritzer’s Halloween Ramen Bowl.

It’s right in the pocket of what I love to write about this time of year — not kitsch, but pure yumminess of the season. Plus, his post lead me to a few otherHalloween Ramenrecipes, including a pumpkin ramen, Hell Ramen, and Dracula Ramen.

Patient Churro

Another hot take on party food I’ve seen recently are Zombie Nachos — especially of the dessert variety. A little cinnamon, a little sugar, a drizzle of raspberry pie filling, and bwa-ha-ha-la.

Of course, if you’re more a fan of the savory undead, there are several more appetizer-centric versions of the zombie nacho platter.

Sleepy Swallows

There’s never a shortage of creepy cocktail ideas this time of year, and it can be hard to pick just one out of the endless recipes for embalming fluid, witches brew, and pumpkin punch.

I thought this sipper looked pretty smokin’, though (sorry, sorry), with a dash of gothic literary charm: the Sleepy Hollow Cocktail, featuring absinthe, Angostura bitters, and a sprig of rosemary set to smudge. This (frankly delightful) blog also has a Raven cocktail and another called Nosferatu’s Blood, for those looking to make a night of it. But I also found a few other Sleepy Hollow drink recipes, plus an Ichabod Crane, so I this may be a head-start on a great themed party.

2018 October Food Trends Spotted at:

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