31 Days of Horror Viewing

It’s not quite fair to call 31 days of horror viewing in October a goal for me — I don’t generally hunt for low-hanging fruit. But it’s not about the finish line so much as the race anyway, so read on for this year’s checkpoints. First, to the Island The Island of Dr. Moreau - … Continue reading 31 Days of Horror Viewing

Darkening Doors: Macabre Pittsfield Walking Tours

The October offerings in the Berkshires have gained a formidable addition with Macabre Pittsfield Walking Tours, created and lead by writer and historian (and friend of the blog) Joe Durwin. Because I couldn’t write it better myself, here’s the Durwinian description of the experience: “Embark on a journey through a downtown Pittsfield far removed from … Continue reading Darkening Doors: Macabre Pittsfield Walking Tours

House of Wax

I’ve shared the super-easy recipe for recycled crayons here before, but this week we decided to give it a Halloween spin, attempting spooky color combinations like black and orange or purple and red. Of course, we had to assign names to the new cray-ations: from top left, I give you Jack-o-lantern, Dracula’s Blood, Dead-end Road, … Continue reading House of Wax

Blogtober ’21: Continue to Do All the Things

Part Two. On the Fair Circuit: we hit the Pittsfield Fall Festival on the Common for a little farmer’s market-style shopping, crafts, and munchies. I bought this awesome plant hanger from Simply Macrame. I was chastised for calling a delicata squash a gourd at this tent and I’m still feeling a little spicy about it. … Continue reading Blogtober ’21: Continue to Do All the Things

Blogtober Fashion-spotting

Do you remember those fashion-on-the-street features in the back pages of mags like Cosmopolitan and Marie Clare? The ones in which “good fashion” was represented by smiling, seemingly surprised women and “bad fashion” was lightly disguised with skinny black bars over the eyes of the beholden? Inspired by those throwbacks but also hoping to put … Continue reading Blogtober Fashion-spotting