11 of the Best Foodstagrammers in the Berkshires

I think most people are past the ‘Why would I want to see what you had for dinner?’ criticism of social media by now … right?

Even if that phrase is still relevant in some circles, it never made much sense to me. I, personally, would love to see what you had for dinner — or breakfast, lunch, midnight-snack, whatevs.

To that end, I follow a lot of ‘Foodstagrammers’ — culinary content creators who aren’t just posting pictures of plates but also recipes, ingredients, reviews of new eateries, dispatches from farmers’ markets, and more. In order to serve a manageable portion, I’ve listed 11 of my favorite Foodstagrammers who hail from my own backyard, in the Berkshires. It doesn’t hurt that food is one of our things up here in The 413.

So, let’s start with dessert …

SoCo Creamery

(Great Barrington)

SoCo stages professional food photo-shoots featuring their homemade ice cream and gelato, but doesn’t shy away from crowd-pleasing, recurring content like Throwback Thursday or Wisdom Wednesday.




Two medics bring the fire to the EMT kitchen, and the results are amazing. They have particular talents in the Benedict bay, and a fun collection of coffee mugs.

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Irish eggs Benedict #DontBeASaltyBitch

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Chocolate Springs 


Regularly updated images of the latest creations by chocolatier Joshua Needleman and his team, including candies, cakes, and specialty coffees.


James Massey

(Great Barrington)

Chef Massey shares his own creations, but always promotes his fellow Berkshire foodies on the side. The result is a great place to find somewhere to go on a Friday night for the eats, even if it’s your own kitchen.


Chez Nous Bistro


A savory stream of photos from the kitchen and other nooks of the restaurant, manned  — or should I say, womanned — by Chef and co-owner Rachel Portnoy. Chez Nous is also great about using the link space in their profile to promote upcoming events.

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Crabcake oouhouhouhou

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The Marketplace 

(Pittsfield, Sheffield, Great Barrington)

The Marketplace team – which operates not just the Instagram stream linked above, but this one, too – has a knack for showcasing their artful cups of coffee, mouth-watering sandwiches, and catering options. Their accounts are as much digital specials boards as they are pure, straight-up food porn.




The Alchemy Initiative’s mission is to use “food as the foundation for creative community building,” so it stands to reason that their Instagram stream would be rich with incredible, edible images. Alchemy is also a constant presence at local farmers’ markets, sharing some of the harvests of the month and where to find them.


Brian Alberg


A glimpse into the life of a chef: plated dinners, kitchen candids, ingredient spotlights, and plenty of photos of friends and family make for a balanced diet of content from Chef Brian Alberg, Executive Chef/ Vice President of Culinary Development for Main Street Hospitality and The Red Lion Inn.


Robin’s Candy

(Great Barrington)

The go-to stream for dizzyingly colorful displays of vintage, international, and hard-to-find candy items.



(Great Barrington)

Get your cheese on with Rubiner’s savory snaps… frequent photos and information about the finest fromage and other culinary joys.



Mountains of Sugar


Delectable pastries and plenty of process shots from Kimberly Watson, Pastry Chef at Blantyre Resort & Spa.


One last thing … my list is woefully low on North Berkshire County establishments. Share your favorites from that corner of the world in the comments – let’s make this list a baker’s dozen!

Pumpkin Watch, 2013

It’s impossible for me not to snap photos of pumpkins everywhere I go this time of year. I’m such a simpleton… oooh, gourds! 

Here are a few of the latest from this year; all pumpkins from Whitney’s Farm in Cheshire, Mass. Don’t forget, the Blogtoberfest Guest Post Contest is on until the end of the month! Send your post to writerjax @ gmail.com and you could win a prize. Prize Announcement Post forthcoming.




Go Speed Blogger, GO!

Today I embark on an exciting blogging adventure, as a ‘Guest Driver’ for Haddad Toyota! I’ll be testing out the 2014 Toyota Corolla for a week and sharing my adventures here and via my social networks Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Vine.

This is a special promotion I’ve just entered into with the dealership to use the power of social media to spread the word about a new product…I’m doubly excited, though, because Haddad did their homework with me. Not only am I a complete and total social media nerd and obvious blog enthusiast, I’ve also driven Toyota-manufactured cars for more than 15 years. I had a Toyota Tercel for 11 years until I finally traded it in — as JaxDad says, by that time, I essentially owed the car money.

After bidding farewell to the Tercel, I bought a new Scion, which will be paid off in a matter of weeks (squeal). What can I say; they’re good cars. They last. They’re good on gas. It’ll be interesting to see what Toyota has in store for 2014, and car manufacturers in general, for that matter.

I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a great excuse to get out and see some great stuff as fall commences, documenting along the way! This blogtastic project also coincides with Blogtoberfest, my annual blog celebration of all things October, so I’ll be dragging some of my compadres along on my mini road-trips to keep things interesting and get some other people’s opinions about the ride. Let me know if there are any specific Berkshire destinations you’d like us to zoom over to, and we’ll do our best! Leave suggestions in the comments.

A couple of housekeeping notes: This a straight test-drive in exchange for blogging and social media coverage – the dealership is providing the car for an extended test drive (7 days) and a gas card for fuel. There’s no other compensation involved. No, I won’t text and drive, I promise. The same goes for vining, tweeting, facebooking, pinning, and instagramming. This is a Haddad Dealerships/WriterJax endeavor. Read the  FTC Blogger Guidelines here.