11 of the Best Foodstagrammers in the Berkshires

I think most people are past the 'Why would I want to see what you had for dinner?' criticism of social media by now ... right? Even if that phrase is still relevant in some circles, it never made much sense to me. I, personally, would love to see what you had for dinner -- … Continue reading 11 of the Best Foodstagrammers in the Berkshires

Lean in to Long Form

  Think blogging is dead? Hopefully not, since you're here. But for more proof, check out my latest article... Blogging Isn't Dead, It Relocated.  

Pumpkin Watch, 2013

It's impossible for me not to snap photos of pumpkins everywhere I go this time of year. I'm such a simpleton... oooh, gourds!  Here are a few of the latest from this year; all pumpkins from Whitney's Farm in Cheshire, Mass. Don't forget, the Blogtoberfest Guest Post Contest is on until the end of the … Continue reading Pumpkin Watch, 2013

Go Speed Blogger, GO!

Today I embark on an exciting blogging adventure, as a 'Guest Driver' for Haddad Toyota! I'll be testing out the 2014 Toyota Corolla for a week and sharing my adventures here and via my social networks Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Vine. This is a special promotion I've just entered into with the dealership … Continue reading Go Speed Blogger, GO!