Shakespeare & Company Presents March Mash-up: Contemporary Readings

LENOX, Mass. — Shakespeare & Company will present March Mash-up: Contemporary Readings on Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27, featuring three …Shakespeare & Company Presents March Mash-up: Contemporary Readings

Writing on the Flip

Writers have come a long way in terms of where their words can be seen. Once relegated to the printed page, now we're writing for virtual places all the time. That's what made a recent -- and very tactile -- writing assignment so unusual and fun. I was charged with writing a few highlights regarding … Continue reading Writing on the Flip

11 of the Best Foodstagrammers in the Berkshires

I think most people are past the 'Why would I want to see what you had for dinner?' criticism of social media by now ... right? Even if that phrase is still relevant in some circles, it never made much sense to me. I, personally, would love to see what you had for dinner -- … Continue reading 11 of the Best Foodstagrammers in the Berkshires

Political Punch

I've been working with the comedy troupe The Capitol Steps this summer, creating some fun promotional and content pieces with them and the team hosting their summer residence, at Cranwell Spa & Golf Resort's new Harvest Barn stage. Recently I teamed up with a local bartender to concoct two summer sangrias -- one sweet and … Continue reading Political Punch

The Read My Writin’ Round-up

I've been able to write a lot about where I live, recently - in the Berkshires of Massachusetts - so this shameless round-up of my own work is pulled together with a Berkshire County theme. First, the latest; I wrote a 'Parents-Eye Review' for Berkshire Family Focus, upon the opening of the new Berkshire Carousel. … Continue reading The Read My Writin’ Round-up