Blogtober Travels: Berkshire Botanical Garden’s Annual Harvest Festival

Berkshire Botanical Garden’s 87th annual Harvest Festival rules the October long-weekend here in the Berkshires. A massive, two-day, multi-parking lot event, it’s a shindig that dates back to BBG’s founding and includes a little something for everyone.

We went to the party on Saturday, starting off with Tom Ricardi’s program on birds of prey and moving on to snacks, a pony ride, pumpkin painting, the haunted house, and some shopping (mums and moss balls) for good measure.

The snaps:

The Season of Rx

One of the beauteous things about eating fresh and healthy — in theory, anyway — is a preponderance of vibrant colors. That said, let’s see what kind of spread we can concoct using mostly heart-friendly recipes, and only All Hallow’s Hues:

Agent Orange

A Paleo-eater I am not, but I’m willing to try anything. These turmeric gummy pumpkins might be a good gateway drug. They’re made with pumpkin puree, coconut milk, gelatin, and a good dose of spices poured into gourd-shaped molds, and they’re adorable.

The runner-up: This banana ketchup originated in the Philippines and is reported to have been Googled 12,000 times a month last year as it gained more global popularity.

Spotted at: Unbound Wellness and HeatOnMinded

Soylent Green

There’s a lotta good green out there, but this matcha popcorn recipe looks as ghoulish as is does delish — though not without its hidden expenses. Matcha can run upward of $35 a bag, and the recipe-recommended Ghee (clarified butter) appears to go for about $1 an ounce these days. But matcha is also believed to have anticarcinogenic properties, among other benefits, perhaps justifying a little extra expense on a chilly October night ripe for noshing.

Spotted at: Oh How Civilized

Purple People Eaters

With just one severed-head of red cabbage, an entire table of purple plates can be made — including color-changing cocktails, a very unicorny looking soup, a goblinesque cabbage salad, or (my personal favorite) Nightmare Before Mashed Potatoes. Plus, according to the tried and true Farmer’s Almanac, cabbage lowers cholesterol, boosts the immune system, and is believed to help heal ulcers.

Spotted at: Tastemade;  Low Carb, So Simple; Food Corner, and

Red Rum

So many crudité dips are green and chill, it’s nice (?) to see a warm red contender. A red-wine Bagna Cauda (Italian for hot bath), doubles as a meat dressing and features not one, but two varieties of anchovy in its recipe. It’s a great choice for anyone who’s dairy-free, and contains high levels of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and K.

Spotted at: Food and Wine

Turmeric Photo by Marta Branco on
Matcha Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Red Soup Photo by Darina Belonogova on

Three Coach designer bags on a table with Disney villian designs on them. Maleficent and the Evil Queen are on two of the bags, and a scarf with the Evil Queen is laid out next to them.

Blogtober Fashion Watch Returns

I had so much fun stalking half of the eastern seaboard for October-appropriate lewks last year, I started back at it in again this September.

The round-up that follows — and there may be more to come — is largely the result of puttering around the Berkshires and a bit beyond in the early throes of autumnal fashion bliss.

From the Columbia County Fair

a gold necklace with a charm that is in the shape of a Michael Myers mask.

State fairs never fail to deliver some freaky fashion like this bedazzled Michael Myers pendant. I think this version was $20/$30 at the booth in which I spotted it, in between the leather cowboy hats and mood rings. But if one were so inclined to spend upwards of $700 on a similar item, the options exist. Similar options exist for Jason and Jigsaw.

From the Lenox Art Walk

a silver and purple coat on a rack outside at a street fair.

I stopped in my tracks at Lenox Art Walk last month when I saw these high-collared, reversible jackets by La Linguere Fashions. They’re just two of many designs I found fanciful, fairy-inspired, and fun, without being so costumesque or over-the-top that I’d never wear it.

From the Apple Squeeze

a woman with a gold coat and hat.

With apologies to the poor woman whose identity is being shielded here in a less-than-ceremonious way, I love a coordinated knit set and saw several on a bright but chilly Saturday at the ‘Squeeze.

From Lee Premium Outlets

The Coach Outlet in Lee, Mass. is currently carrying the full-range of Disney x Coach, Villains Collection!

I was excited to see these out in the wild. Disney x Coach Villains includes everything from bag charms to backpacks, and focuses largely on Ursula, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Cruella. That said, my favorite patten of the line is the bethorned Fairytale Rose.

And across the way at the Crocs Outlet, the seasonal Jibbitz game was on point as well: