a man with a burger king mask and medallion standing at the top of a hill on a street. There is a city skyline behind him.

The Incredible, Edible Costume Round-up of 2022

While the fast-food-inspired costume trend seems to have waned a bit in 2022, a few stalwarts are still at the table. #Blogtober #writerjax

The Anatomy of a Zombie Birthday Party

For those with children born in the spooky season (or not) - the Zombie Party is a brainy blast! Halloween decorations and recipes can be repurposed, which is a nice money-saver. From a recent September party in the Berkshires: Needed to produce the zombie party: a cake with the appropriate amount of stitches, and appropriately … Continue reading The Anatomy of a Zombie Birthday Party

31 Days of Horror Viewing

It’s not quite fair to call 31 days of horror viewing in October a goal for me — I don’t generally hunt for low-hanging fruit. But it’s not about the finish line so much as the race anyway, so read on for this year’s checkpoints. First, to the Island The Island of Dr. Moreau - … Continue reading 31 Days of Horror Viewing

Darkening Doors: Macabre Pittsfield Walking Tours

The October offerings in the Berkshires have gained a formidable addition with Macabre Pittsfield Walking Tours, created and lead by writer and historian (and friend of the blog) Joe Durwin. Because I couldn’t write it better myself, here’s the Durwinian description of the experience: “Embark on a journey through a downtown Pittsfield far removed from … Continue reading Darkening Doors: Macabre Pittsfield Walking Tours