Oscars Fashion 2018: Jennifer Garner and everyone else

The biggest Red Carpet event of the year (arguably) brings me great, escapist joy. I do, in fact, care ‘what you’re wearing,’ and more importantly, who created it.

Happily, this was a very colorful Oscars in terms of fashion, giving us a lot to review. So let’s.

First, let me say this: I generally look at the dress, the accessories, the shoes, etc., an attendee is wearing as a fashion package, displaying the work of creative professionals. It’s about ‘who’s wearing who’ too a little, of course, but I tend to look at the clothes as art, not the clothed as hot-or-not.

It was hard to not just basically gasp in Jennifer Garner’s general direction this year, though. Woman slayed in every way in Atelier Versace, jewels by Piaget, shoes by Versace, flawless makeup, and oh-that-hair. Stop it.

I don’t know if Emma Stone was particularly comfortable at the Oscars, but she looked it – as well as polished, vibrant, and age-appropriate (Emily Blunt, take note) in Louis Vuitton.

Paz Vega may have brought some well-deserved western attention to eastern designer Christopher Bu. This is Met Gala Amazing.

A lot of people tried the gauzy, opaque look on the carpet this year, but only a few got it right. Leslie Bibb was the standard to meet in J. Mendel couture, with (Bachelor alert!) Neil Lane jewelry.

Points for flapper chic go to Gal Gadot – who also, incidentally, is rocking the still-hot warm metals trend in Givenchy.

What say you, fellow couch critics? Leave your faves in the comments!

The Noms are Out!

It’s the first official step toward our annual Oscar Party and Food Contest … the nominations have been released. This is it, kids: a veritable menu from which to choose your edible, Oscar-themed creation and vie for the prizes and glory that come with a win.

Let’s take a peek at some of the contenders — for both the Academy Award and voting at our fiesta, via the uncomplicated ‘pen and piece of scrap paper’ system. PriceWaterhouseCoopers was unavailable.

The Academy nominated eight of a possible ten films for Best Picture this year, and it looks like Boyhood and The Theory of Everything are the front-runners. The Grand Budapest Hotel did surprisingly well at the Globes, though, so maybe that’s the Dark Horse.

Best Actor… Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne took the Globes home, but can we get a win for Steve Carell? He’s virtually unrecognizable in Foxcatcher and for my party purposes his nomination makes ‘Steve Carvel’ a potential reality.

It only took 30 years

Best Actress… Bummer that Jennifer Aniston was snubbed for her role in Cake.

Best Supporting Actor… Fun fact: in high school, my friends Patti, Heather and I went to a screening of a short film by nominee Ethan Hawke in Provincetown, then proceeded to tail him around the town in my 1978 two-tone Chevy Monte Carlo when he left with friends.

Best Supporting Actress… Oh hi, Meryl.

As for some of the lesser-followed categories, this is the bread and butter of the Oscar Party Food Contest. If a food-themed dish didn’t come to mind in the major categories, these always offer a ringer or two. For instance: 2015 documentary nominee Salt of the Earth and Foreign Language nom Tangerines.

To review, here are some of last year’s entries!

1922103_10152652038798219_1483908512_n 1902784_10152652038838219_2065202302_n 1797531_10152652039118219_970342866_n 1622690_10152652039168219_1887863377_n

The Excitement Builds…Golden Globe noms announced

OK, kids … this is one of the big ones. The Golden Globe nominees were announced last week, giving us our first glimpse at what are expected to become the quintessential films and shows of 2014.https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8229/8403541010_4ba428f83a_z.jpg

The winners in the film categories (to be announced at the Big Show on January 11, with Amy and Tina at the helm again — yay) often go on to the Big-Big Show, the Oscars, on Feb. 22… that means the Globe noms are not just a preview of award-winners to come, but also our first chance to start devising movie-themed goodies for our annual pre-Oscar party and food contest. 

In fact, it’s become hard for me to scan the list of nominees without automatically assigning food-puns to the actors, directors, and producers — Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch, anyone? — and even more so this year because I have yet to see most of the films. That said, here are a few early impressions:

It’s nice to see Jennifer Aniston on the Best Actress (Drama) list, finally, and for a movie called Cake, too! That’s an easy entry for a food contest… so no excuses, future guests. Aniston did win a Globe for her role on Friends in 2003, but she’s never been among Jennifer Aniston 2011.jpgthe heavy-hitters on the film side of things, and from the looks of it she has as good a chance as everyone else in the category: Julianne Moore, Rosamund Pike, Reese Witherspoon, and Felicity Jones. I dare say she might even be the favorite, with Moore nominated in another category (Best Actress, Musical or Comedy), Pike and Jones representing the newcomers, and Witherspoon starring in a film that was just released to the masses this month.

In the Best Actor, Mini-series/TV Movie category, it feels like Take Two for Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, who were already pitted against the all-powerful Bryan Cranston at the Emmys and therefore only worth a handful of beans. I personally feel like their collective moment has passed but I’m always game to hear McConaughey wax poetic about Neptune, so may the best Wood-a-been win. 

Best Supporting Actress, Mini-series/TV Movie is another interesting category for performances; we’ve got Kathy Bates playing a bearded woman, Allison Janney playing a recovering alcoholic, Uzo Aduba as an inmate, Joanne Froggatt as a maid, and Michelle Monaghan as a cheatin’ heart… it seems to be the year of the unsung hero.

One of my favorite categories, Best Song, is largely populated by the new pop elite: Sia, Lorde, Lana del Rey, Common, and John Legend are joined by veterans Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye. My pick here is Lorde for Yellow Flicker Beat (Hunger Games: Mockingjay), because it’s just a great tune.

…What say you?

From the Couch with Jammie Pants: The Oscars 2014 Fashion Post


Oscar Whirlwind, (C) JCS 2007

Surveying what the stars are wearing with an appropriate level of snark is one of the most enjoyable parts of awards season, especially when it’s from the couch, phone in one hand and chips and dip in the other. I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who likes to get into the action with me, and doubly lucky that his number one complaint is that too many female celebrities look like they need to take a few extra trips to In-N-Out.
That said, I’m writing with a bit more positivity this year. Rather than a best and worst list (I’ll save that for the Met Gala) I’m running down the trends I noticed along with some of my favorite girl-looks of the night. Overall, everyone had their high points, including those who missed the bulls-eye with their ensembles; even Liza Minnelli rocked a cobalt blue streak in her hair along with her satin pantsuit that I appreciated.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.06.38 PM

Speaking of which…
The 2014 trends:
I’ll Have a Blue Oscars
Shades of blue were everywhere this year, on both men and women. Several men had dark blue tuxes — Leonardo DiCaprio seemed not to notice his was one of them until E! pointed it out  — and leading ladies including Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams were In the Navy, too. It didn’t deviate from the standard black enough to make a huge difference, though — it just made a lot of otherwise well-dressed people fade into the background. Deviating from the subdued palate, and one of my best dressed nominees of the night, was Lupita Nyong’o in what she dubbed Nairobi Blue. I wasn’t a huge fan of her headband — she doesn’t really have a lot of hair to hold back — but the dress looked effortless, and she continuously swept its full skirt up and to the sides as she moved all night, like a modern day Cinderella.
Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.31.51 PM
More importantly, Lupita had the best speech of the night after winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, complete with a quote I’m sure will be showing up on the coolest t-shirts and in the most thoughtful greeting cards soon. Deservedly.

“No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

Frozen Frocks
The other big trend of the evening was a spate of light neutrals that seemed to take notes from the icy, animated Oscar-winning film. Cream, white, silver, ecru… for the most part, these winter whites blended into each other and started to bore me as they streamed onto the red carpet, one after the other. The guys got into it, too, with an inordinate amount of white tuxes a la Ryan Seacrest, Jared Leto, and Matthew McConaughey. Not a big fan of those, either… to me, men in white tuxes look like they should be carrying trays of smoked salmon. One exception to the white-out, though, was Giuliana Rancic, who wasn’t walking the carpet so much as she was working it for E!, but still had one of my favorite dresses and looked like a fairy snow princess. To coin a phrase.
Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.42.39 PMSplashes of Color
All of the white, gray, Navy and black did do a good job of highlighting those in attendance who wore something bright, however. The few ladies in red were like poppies in a sea of carnations… Jennifer Lawrence and Pink seem to be getting the most attention in the blogosphere, but my favorite was Karen O’s performance dress. Punk it was not, except maybe for her shoes parked off to the side, but still one of the prettiest and most unique looks of the night.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.38.45 PM

Some other highlights from the couch: Ellen broke Twitter and Robin Meade and I had a little Tweetversation, along with Twitter Queen Maya. HLN TV also favorited some photos from our Foodie Oscar Parties, and I ate an obscene amount of this dip.

Also: Unique Vintage is featuring some of its Oscar-inspired looks this week, if you’re in the market for an awards season-inspired dress.

Oscar Party 2013 – Da Winnahs!

The winners!
As usual, my friends never cease to amaze me with their Oscar-party foodie creations. This year, we were threatened with a snow storm that had me convinced that Ben and I would be sitting around all night eating our own entries — FrankenWeenies and Corn on the Cobbit — with visions of indigestion dancing in our heads.
But nay — the meteorologists were wrong and the foodies were out en force. Below, please find a list of this year’s entrants, including winners. Keep an eye out in the coming days for a new addition to the Oscar Party festivities – we are going to share our recipes!
Best Tasting 2013
Feast of the Southern Wild, by Jenn

A little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll …just like its creator. This two-parter included savory jalepeno cornbread and a meaty okra gumbo.


Fresh Guacamole, by Chris

Inspired by the nominated short animated film of the same name, made to order with entirely fresh ingredients, and served with a twist with water crackers instead of tortilla chips.

Fresh Guacamole

Best Name

Corn on the Cobbit (in 3D), by Ben

This entry included corn cobbettes skewered, steamed and seasoned three different ways: garlic, salt, pepper, and parsley; chili powder and salt; and cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper and cilantro. I saw the prep; it was formidable.

Best Art Direction

Thirty Dark Zeroes, by Joe

So, yeah — I go, ‘are there 30 of them?’ when Joe shows up. I get merely a look. i know. I know there are 30 truffles – plus a few Army men.

Redemption, by Shawn and Rachel

Inspired by the short-form documentary of the same name, this entry was cool and artsy – a basket full of coins (i.e. ‘nickels’) surrounding a (redeemable) growler of Berkshire Brewing Company Steel Rail Ale.


Frankenweenies, by me


Pretty self explanatory. I found the Franken-heads here – they’re actually printable Halloween masks that I printed out at a reduced size. Fun tip: people still love pigs in a blanket. These were gone in 30 minutes flat and cost me $4.29 to make for a party of 15.

Best Supporting Act   
Zero Dark Chocolate Cake with a Silver Lining, by Chris

Also co-winner of the Longest-Traveled Award this year, Chris is an accomplished pastry chef who graced the party with a chocolate cake and ganache creation for the stars, garnished with spiced orange zest and silver sprinkles.

Zero Dark Chocolate Cake with a Silver Lining

Aphrodisiac D’Amour, by Leslie

A Lady-finger encircled torte with whipped cream, cocoa, cinnamon, and as it seems, fairy dust. A light, creamy, dream of a dessert.

Key Argo Lime Pie, by Justine and Tim

If you’re thinking, ‘I don’t really like Key Lime Pie,’ you’re wrong. You just haven’t had Teeny’s yet. The sign for this entry isn’t too shabby, either.

Key Argo Lime Pie

Best in Show
Lincoln’s Log, by Justine
Lincoln's Log

 The Pre-Oscar Food Smackdown’s reigning champion took top honors again with a homemade swiss roll, covered in from-scratch frosting and a graham cracker roof. The whole entry was rounded out with a frosting lawn, kale trees, swiss roll logs, and a pretzel-rod split-rail fence.

This year’s awards: In the front, small picture frames with vintage illustrations that I cut from a sample book I got in the mail from a graphic design company. (I get a lot of those – they are awesome for scrapping and other craftiness). Winners also received cocktail-flavored petit fours – bagged in cellophane behind the frames. I just thought the candies were the cutest treats, festooned with Jelly Belly jelly beans in four flavors: Strawberry Daquiri, Peach Bellini, Margarita and Piña Colada with pineapple.

Oscar Party 2013

See? YOU TOO Could be part of this awesomeness. Come to our party, or ask us about our free Guide to Foodie Parties!