Oscars Fashion 2018: Jennifer Garner and everyone else

The biggest Red Carpet event of the year (arguably) brings me great, escapist joy. I do, in fact, care ‘what you’re wearing,’ and more importantly, who created it.

Happily, this was a very colorful Oscars in terms of fashion, giving us a lot to review. So let’s.

First, let me say this: I generally look at the dress, the accessories, the shoes, etc., an attendee is wearing as a fashion package, displaying the work of creative professionals. It’s about ‘who’s wearing who’ too a little, of course, but I tend to look at the clothes as art, not the clothed as hot-or-not.

It was hard to not just basically gasp in Jennifer Garner’s general direction this year, though. Woman slayed in every way in Atelier Versace, jewels by Piaget, shoes by Versace, flawless makeup, and oh-that-hair. Stop it.

I don’t know if Emma Stone was particularly comfortable at the Oscars, but she looked it – as well as polished, vibrant, and age-appropriate (Emily Blunt, take note) in Louis Vuitton.

Paz Vega may have brought some well-deserved western attention to eastern designer Christopher Bu. This is Met Gala Amazing.

A lot of people tried the gauzy, opaque look on the carpet this year, but only a few got it right. Leslie Bibb was the standard to meet in J. Mendel couture, with (Bachelor alert!) Neil Lane jewelry.

Points for flapper chic go to Gal Gadot – who also, incidentally, is rocking the still-hot warm metals trend in Givenchy.

What say you, fellow couch critics? Leave your faves in the comments!

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