Remember that time …

There’s been a new meme circulating on Facebook – one that is, thankfully, shorter than the ’25 Things’ list that’s been everywhere lately.

‘Remember that time’ charges your friends with leaving one, random memory in the queue, creating an interesting little mish-mash of life experiences over the years. I wanted to post ‘Remember that time’ not just to reconnect with people – although it’s a great way to do so – but also to help stir my creative juices for a writing project I’m working on. I had some success in this endeavor, but the meme has also taught me other things, such as:

1. My memory is shot.

2. I seem to have over-romanticized certain periods of my life in my own mind.

In addition, the Facebook version of this game only lets you tag about 25 people, so I found that if a friend had a memory to share and wasn’t tagged, snarkiness ensued. As in, ‘Remember that time you didn’t tag me for the most fun meme ever?’

So I hereby continue the fun here – feel free to leave a memory in the comments section if you so choose.

And, here are a few of my favorite memories that friends have recorded already:

Remember that time…

… sitting in the recording studio finishing off “pass the sombrero” and being so very proud of ourselves. (pete)
…a party at your house in Centerville (like that narrows it down!),I think 1997-1999,and I played the drums in your basement? (steve)
…the one time that guy came over to audition on guitar, some old guy with a trenchcoat, who just sat on the cellar steps and ate his sandwich and had us play for him, then ran out all of a sudden because he broke his tooth on his sandwich. weird night. (rob)
…It was a tough decision between Paris and Dublin. It was the group reaction when we met up with them in Dublin that convinced me. You wore blue, they wore gray. (George)
…the time Bryn barfed in couch on the Fourth of July. (Kira)
…I loved sitting in your office hearing the proposal story. I was so happy for you. Still am. (This guy)

Published: Saturday, 7 February 2009


Writerjax‘ left this comment on 9 Feb 09
😉 joe – my link to your blog professes my endless love .

A visitor‘ left this comment on 9 Feb 09
I found this meme to be tremendously life-affirming and fun, and I highly recommend everyone do it. Seriously. And unlike the 25 Things one, you do no work, and your friends do all of it. Yay!

I was just givin’ you crap about not being tagged, BTW. I wasn’t really offended. 🙂

A visitor‘ left this comment on 9 Feb 09
My memory is so shot to hell I say that I can’t seem to remember anything that occurred before I was 25…and it’s NOT due to drugs, just life. Hell, I once moved in with a guy that I had gone out (and fooled around with) about 18 months prior to moving in. Didn’t remember a thing. In fact, I didn’t remember anything until I was driving cross country like 5 or 6 years later! Talk about a lacking memory…

One thought on “Remember that time …

  1. Jess says:

    My poor memory is absolutely due to drugs – but I’ll give it a shot. Remember that time….wait, no – neither one of us does – who am I kidding?


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