Conversations: Karen vs. Gary, and a random Gene Shalit reference.

karen allengary sinise

Me: So get this.

Him: What?

Me: I was just at the convenience store buying Chef Boyardee beef ravioli and Gene Shalit was behind me.

Him: Huh. Nice.

Me: He was like, ‘Oh, you have soup n’ sandwiches now!’ to the owner.

Him: Did he buy beef ravioli too?

Me: No, he was too excited about the soup n’ sandwiches, I think.

Him: Cool sighting. When am I going to meet Karen Allen is what I really want to know, though.

Me: …That’s weird.

Him: Why? She’s a cool chick, you gotta admit. She’s been in some great flicks. Indiana Jones? She was kick-ass. Come on.

Me: I’m not saying she’s not a great actress; I just didn’t know you felt so strongly about her work.

Him: Well that, and Raiders came out when I was at a formidable age.*

Me: I guess it’s not that much different than my fixation on Gary Sinise.

Him: Which is weird.

Me: Is not.

Him: Whatev.

* I think he meant formative.


A visitor‘ left this comment on 4 Mar 09
HA! Did you see Burn After Reading? That reminds me of Clooney’s character, always screwing up words. “In twenty years, I’ve never destroyed my weapon.”

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