Bacon Makes Everything Better

After an impromptu bacon-themed conversation at our last meet-up, Tweeps Zach and Jessica had a fiesta at their awesome country house celebrating all things pork. On their massive deck, we enjoyed bacon burgers, prosciutto pasta salad, and a few unexpected bacon treats – it really is good with just about everything.

Here are the hosts with the most pig to roast:

zach and jess

The favors included bacon mints and bacon bandages:

which are being modeled by the lovely Lisa and Lesley here.


Zach, who has a bartending background, actually found a recipe for bacon vodka, and whipped up a batch. It is surprisingly good, if not strong-like-bull:

bacon vodka

…and, it was even better in this custom cocktail, made with homemade ginger ice cream and Bailey’s.

bacon cocktail

Morriss muses: Do not underestimate the power of the bacon!


Published: Thursday, 16 July 2009 Tags: bacon

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