Weekend Update: Electronic Drums and Sangria

This weekend was speckled with social calls – and for 48 hours, the monsoons stopped in New England, which was a nice break. Newsflash – it’s Tuesday now, and pouring outside.

The nice weather created a nice setting for a couple of cool events, though, including a going-away party for one of my writer’s group members, Joe. Joe is taking off on a new life path in NYC next week and starting law school, so a few of us gathered on his Bloomfield, Conn. deck to say fare-thee-well.

Bloomfield ct

You know, being the guest of honor at a farewell party is one of those rare occasions when one can pretty much indulge whatever wacky behavior they want. For Joe, who is working on a novel about firefighting, this isn’t smoking a cigar or having a few pops. This equates to Genesis drum solos on his electronic drum kit as the reat of us noshed on antipasti and fresh ciabatta rolls.

electronic drum solo

Joe also gave me and fellow writer’s group member Erica firefighting patches from our respective hometowns. Cute.

writer's group

hfd patch

On Sunday, it was off to a housewarming party at my friend Nikki’s house – which she has decorated impeccably. She’s one of those girls who adds a pop of color to a room by buying bouquets of roses at the supermarket, while the rest of us struggle to remember toilet paper. Here’s a small glimpse of her coolness: fresh flowers, cool vase, homemade sangria.



Published: Tuesday, 21 July 2009 Tags: sangria drums weekend

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