A Cornucopia of Kitsch: Oscar Party 2010

Another successful Oscar Party brought the foodies out with their best work this year… I was impressed with the crafty signage, unique presentations, and overall nom-iness of the entries… see some highlights below and try not to drool on your keyboard.

Oscar Party 2010

Best Tasting went to Precious Avatart by Max. It had roasted red peppers, feta, chicken, spinach, and was overall incredibly awesome. Part-goers agreed it should be on the GoNomad Cafe menu.

Oscar Party 2010

Pull-Up Part Bread by Tom and Kelly, complete with crochety old man.

Oscar Party 2010 - NINE cheese sammies

I made Nine Cheese Sammies with parmesan, asiago, cheddar, American, provolone, mozzarella, Neufchatel, Romano, and fontina. Thanks to Sargento for the six-cheese blend that made this even remotely possible.

Oscar Party 2010

Harry Potter and the Twice-baked Potato by Jenny, who made good use of pipe cleaners for her sign and thusly earned The Connelly – the entry that gets the most votes in all categories.

Oscar Party 2010

Harry Potter and the Half-nut Cookies, from the Confectionarium of Diva Galanis (points for double-film references!).

Oscar Party 2010

Inglorious Custerds by Joe, Best Name winner; but also actual homemade custards in individual porcelain bowls. Really quite impressive!

Oscar Party 2010

Hairy Pudding and the Half-blood Prints by Mo and Lesley. Excellent use of cotton candy.

Oscar Party 2010

Sherlock Homestyle Potatoes by Nikki; I love her space-saving and attractive serving platter.

Oscar Party 2010

Sherlockopita Holmes by Teen, who is the two-time winner of the Most Creative Best in Show award. Sherlockopita Holmes featured an Oscar-esque statuette and a Polly Pocket impaled with a tiny knife. It’s the details that count.

oscar party food contest awards 2010

This year’s awards were bamboo spoons and caramels in gold wrappers. Nothing fancy, but the reward is in the competition for most.

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