Prizes of Oscar Parties Past

I’m so excited for this year’s Annual Oscar Party & Food Contest that I want to shower everyone with posts waxing nostalgic about some of the culinary creations this party has produced in the past.

In the interest of being helpful, though, it occurred to me that others out there planning their own Oscar soirees might need some ideas for party favors. This is an area in which I have some experience.

Over the years, a variety of small prizes have been offered to the night’s winners; they’re always fairly modest, because let’s face it — I’m buying them and I need to multiply the cost of each item by four while still providing snacks beyond white rice and tepid water for my guests.

But more importantly, I like to find things that people can either a) eat, or b) use again some time.  That’s to say I don’t buy plastic Academy Award replicas at the party store each year, though I could, because really – who needs one? Plus, with a party that’s been recurring for more than a decade now, I’m bound to have repeat guests. I do think Teen would proudly display an array of plastic Oscars, representing the five times she’s won, but still; isn’t it nice to have a little variety in life?

Below are the top five prizes from year’s past — according to me and feedback from past guests.

5. Individual Mionetto Prosecco bottles. The bookmarky tag was from a swatch book I received at work in the mail from Lucasfilm.

Most Creative

4. Chocolate Springs specialty chocolates

3. Mini Champagne in Popcorn Boxes


2. Movie Candy

Justine wins for No Country Fried Chicken for Old Men (best tasting)

1. Movie Camera Photo Holders

Oscar Party awards 2007

Honorable Mention:

Bamboo Spoons bagged with gold-wrapped candies

oscar party food contest awards 2010

In my online travels, I also came across these great ideas:

Audrey Hepburn wine charms

Audrey Hepburn movies wine charms Oscar party favors Hollywood breakfast at tiffany's drink tags.

Oscar Bottle Stopper

Popcorn favors

Crate & Barrel printables!

I’ve chosen the prizes for Party 2013, but I’ll keep them under wraps until after the festivities …

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