Earth Mosaic Project – A PhotoStory of 4.22.09

From Earth Mosaic creators Paul, Andre, Joy, Janet, and Jolene:

“We all share this planet, and we’d like you all to share in this mosaic. And that leads us to what you can do now. The success of the project depends on getting hundreds of thousands of images. Each one represents your tiny block of our life on earth.”

My contribution to Earth Mosaic 2009 …

Earth Mosaic, part 1:My angel bells by you.

It’s Wednesday. Most of the day has been spent at home, as my husband recovers from surgery and we simultaneously field a second family issue. The weather is rainy, cold, and raw.

Earth Mosaic, part 2: My green dress by you.

I bought this dress at a small boutique on Cape Cod over the Thanksgiving holiday, and with the cold weather persisting, I have yet to wear it. Today, it caught the gray light in its sleeves and cast a soft, emerald glow as it hung by the window.

Earth Mosaic, part 3: Self-portrait by you.

In the bathroom, I look in the mirror at the circles under my eyes, then realize we’ve yet to paint the trim around the door for the eleventh month in a row. It’s more of an observation than it is another woe.

Earth Mosaic, part 4: By Kitchen Light by you.

Still floating through the house, I light the candle on the oven. It lends warmth to an otherwise stagnant day.

Earth Mosaic, part 5: The Little Things by you.

This is the kind of day that makes me notice small things, like the book of vintage photos we keep in the living room. We flip the pages occasionally, to reveal a baby in a bassinette, a snapshot from a boat of a stormy sea, or a stoic family portrait like this one. We don’t know who these people are – and somehow, that’s comforting.

Earth Mosaic, part 6: The Outside World by you.

On the three-season porch, I can’t appreciate the raindrops falling on the roof, and splattering through the screens. Across the street, I see cars rushing through puddles and street lights obscured by water and fog. My camera sees much the same thing.

Earth Mosaic, part 7: New Beginnings by you.

As I’m wandering through the house cooking dinner, administering ice packs and medications, and fielding phone calls from family members, I pop a cup of tea into the microwave for reheating. On top, the cucumber seeds I planted yesterday are already sprouting tall in their clay pot. It’s amazing how fast life begins.

Published: Thursday, 23 April 2009 Tags: earth mosaic


A visitor‘ left this comment on 23 Apr 09
The screen photo is terrific – great abstract texture and colors.

Dawn‘ left this comment on 23 Apr 09
What a fantastic glimpse of your world! I love all the little bits & pieces.

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