The 30-Day Song Challenge: Day 1 – The Favorite

What better way to keep the song lyrics of the day cranking than with a little prompting? Such is my reason for taking on the 30-Day Song Challenge ; that, and everyone else is doing it.


The rules: Follow the prompts and record your answer for each. Expound at will.


So, my favorite song … I remember trying to list my top ten of all time and having to take a week to whittle it down. That said, though, there’s one tune that I’ve always loved because it’s the total package. It’s got great lyrics, great vocals, a kick-ass violin solo, and James Taylor sings back up. Packs a punch, right? Throw in the fact that I saw Warren Zevon cover it live once and I think I’ve made a solid case for Song Challenge Day 1.




On another topic, how badly do I want over-sized trench coats to come back into style?

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