30-Day Song Challenge, Day 2 – Favorite Female Vocals

I switched it up for the rest of this challenge, having only finished one day at any rate. As it turns out there are two (probably more) song-challenge prompt-lists, and the one as listed below is better than what I started with. The full, revised run-down is below.


That said, on to day 2 – my favorite song with female vocals. Another toughie, with plenty of chicks with pipes to choose from. I think the hardest part of today’s choice is deciding what kind of female vocals I like the most – and can I even choose? For instance, Joy by Lucinda Williams (http://youtu.be/LhGt6KktfS4) is a favorite track – it’s particularly great when you’re superbly pissed off. But it’s nearly impossible to compare Lucinda Williams’ grating, rock-munching, screamer of a voice with, say, a honey-throated jazz legend like Dinah Washington (http://youtu.be/ipc1DWfJhg4), whether she’s singing a song with a similar theme or not.


If I go strictly by ‘vocal performance,’ negating any memories attached to the song, the lyrics, and even to an extent the performer, I’d have to go with Lady Gaga’s Speechless ( http://youtu.be/IhEMxle0yEY); make all of the Madonna comparisons you want, but this song proves girl can saaang.


And then there’s the show tune genre – as a theater nerd through and through, I can’t ignore goose-bump inducing numbers like this one: http://youtu.be/sMsYg_tACZQ.


In the end, I decided to go with a tune that I never get sick of. One with killer female vocals and a little bit of a nostalgia factor, not to mention it’s totally choreography ready if one so chooses.


Enjoy. I’ll be Gladys, you be the Pip.

day 1 Your favourite song

day 2 Your favourite female vocal song

day 3 Your favourite male vocal song

day 4 Song with your favourite guitar riff in it

day 5 Song with your favoutrite bass line in it

day 6 Song with your favourite drums

day 7 Favourite song to go crazy to

day 8 Favourite song to have sex to

day 9 favourite song to chill out to

day 10 Song you would love to put in a movie

day 11 Album you most like to hear in a cafe

day 12 Song with your favourite guitar solo

day 13 Song with your favourite keyboards

day 14 Your favourite most weird song

day 15 A song that would get you on the dance floor no matter what

day 16 A song that has sent chills down your spine

day 17 A song from someone you find the hottest

day 18 An album to be stuck on the moon with

day 19 A song you would most like to play to disrupt a politically correct party

day 20 A song you would like to have as your national anthem

day 21 The best gig you ever went to – a song from them

day 22 A song from a gig you wish you could have been at

day 23 Your favourite sing-a-long song

day 24 Your favourite cover version

day 25 A song you would most like to sing live if miracles could fix it

day 26 The band you would most like to join

day 27 Your favourite song to listen to while travelling

day 28 Song with your favourite lyrics

day 29 Favourite one hit wonder

day 30 Favourite book on music/musician/s

errrrr wouldn’t be me if the rules were too strict 🙂

day 31 favourite re-mix/mash up/creative alteration of a tune/s

day 32 favourite air guitar track (any air instrument you choose)

day 33 favourite duet/collaboration

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