30-day Song Challenge, Day 3 – Favorite male vocal

Call me the anti-feminist, but I’ve always been partial to male singer-songwriters over women. This may be because I like the music tortured souls churn out, and the songs male songwriters create, for the most part, are more successful at ripping out my proverbial heart. Many female songstresses, on the other hand, prefer to kill you slowly with a series of pinpricks to the chest.


It may also be because, as a singer, I’m a low alto and it’s easier for me to cover a man’s register than a woman’s. But at any rate, I’ve already established that I’m not the Josh Groban type, although that guys is one funny mo-fo , nor one who gravitates toward anything too smooth, too homogenized, or too pure. No — give me raw, my-wife-left-me-for-my brother emotion. Scream it if you have to. Just keep it on pitch.


Like this guy — my entry for favorite male vocals in the 30-Day Song Challenge. Enjoy.


Say it to Me Now, Glen Hansard

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