Camping 2011: Rustic Dining Al Fresco


Judging by the photos, all my friends and I did while we were camping at Nickerson State Park  last weekend was prepare food and eat it. Repeat.

That said, what a trip it was. Take this, for instance, is there any better scene than this: the morning mist mingled with the smoke from the fire, giving the bacon a dreamlike quality.

Alternate title: mmmm. Baconnnnnnnn.

Morning Bacon

…Our first dinner was a campfire-cooked steak, corn cobettes, and potatoes, also campfire roasted.

first dinner

I was so inspired by the cuisine of the weekend I made a culinary purchase; this righteous, 41-inch campfire roasting fork.

My 41 inch roaster

Later, mighty battle was waged over an open flame, to claim as much marshmallow goo as possible for the ultimate s’more.


I win.

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