Flashback Friday: Foodie Files

From a meal at a place where I used to live. Yumories! 2008…

Other than laundry and the guilty pleasure of Lifetime’s Fallen Angels Week, I did very little this weekend – just regrouped from a long week at the full-time gig and reveled in the fact that I don’t currently have a freelance deadline looming over my head.

The highlight of the weekend was dinner at Spoletos, though – a Sunday al fresco experience with four-courses and the subsequent pant-splitting feeling.

Spoletos is a contemporary Italian/Mediterranean place around the corner from my house that has great decor, a patio, creative food, and an awesome wine list. They also do this four-course prix fixe menu that saves cash while at the same time putting a ridiculous amount of food in front of you.

Starting with cocktails…

a bruschetta duo that was sort of a greek/italian combo…

stuffed garlic bread, a personal fave…

grilled chicken chevre with garlic, prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, and mashed potatoes…

pork chops and carmelized apples with yams

dessert was rum raisin pudding and chocolate mousse. I’ll be eating tap water and air for the next three days to offset the caloric intake.

Published: Monday, 4 August 2008 Tags: spoletos foodie


Writerjax‘ left this comment on 6 Aug 08
they were big for a prix fixe, i agree- and yet, a diner near us was complaining about the small portions! Fat Americans!

A visitor‘ left this comment on 4 Aug 08
Those dishes look fantastic! Very large to be part of a prix fixe! I would have had to be wheelbarreled out of there!

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