Teacher is to School as Jax is to _________

It’s a Saturday night. I have a glass of wine and a belly full of hors d’oeuvres, and I’m fighting to get my hands on the analogies portion of the SATs. It’s the only part I ever really felt confident with.


But I’m guessing that’s not the answer to the first question in your mind… no, SAT prep is not a common part of my weekend revelry. Last weekend, though, I was part of a five-woman team competing in the annual BartSmart fundraiser for the Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public School, an evening of food, drink, and struggling to remember the 17 U.S. presidents of the 20th century.


Essentially, it’s a cocktail party with the added zing of a faux day at school. The bells ring, and each team heads off to a classroom to answer questions in subjects ranging from art to history to technology and, yes, SAT prep. While there’s nothing that makes an adult feel more dumb than questions taken from high school textbooks, the wine bar, vegetarian chili-loaded nachos, gourmet hot dogs, homemade cole slaw, and cupcake towers did take the edge off.

This was definitely one of the more fun and creative fundraisers I’ve ever attended – I only wish I knew how I actually scored on the analogies portion of the SATs (our score was cumulative). But, I’m pretty sure I killed. I think if I’d had nachos, wine, and hot dogs at my disposal the first time around, I would’ve done even better.


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