Photo a Day April

I’m starting this 10 days late, but better late than never, I suppose. Photo-a-day April was a blog idea I found on Instagram via @JillHanner.

With the understanding that I’m totally blowing up the concept by posting 10 days at once, photo challenges are a cool way to keep your post-pace up and I’m attempting to catalog some of them on one of my Pinterest boards.

1. Your reflection
2. Color (snapped 4/7/12)
3. Mail
4. Someone who makes you happy
5. Tiny

Texas Chainsaw Massacre at Box Office Cafe

6. Lunch

The Shadow Knows...

7. Shadow

8. Inside your wallet (snapped 4/10/12)

Harmful Side Effects
9. Younger you

Cold Spring, Lenox, Mass.

10. Cold

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