Photo-a-day April Round-up, Part 3

View the first two sets here and here.

Day 16 – flower

Flowering Tree, Pittsfield

17 – Something you don’t like

(a sad Bean)

18 – Orange

jax on the bedstand
19 – Hair

picture of a picture at phyl’s house

20 – something you drew

21 – bottle

infused at fiori

22 – the last thing you bought

The ingredients for this cake

23 – vegetable

marinated cucumbers

24 – something you’re grateful for


One thought on “Photo-a-day April Round-up, Part 3

  1. Jane Stevenson says:

    Neat!( Except for something “your” grateful for.)…and, I thought the cucumbers were parslied potatoes! Recognize Charley’s friend as a Nutcracker of Old!


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