The ChronicACLs, part one

The last 5k I was able to run before my left knee went to the Darkside – Teeny and me at Derrill’s Race in Easthampton, Mass.

It’s Monday and I’m on Day 3 of recovery from my recent ACL reconstruction surgery. I’m writing this while my leg flexes automatically in a CPM machine — something I’m now strapped to for six-to-eight hours a day.

Surgery went well; the staff at BMC’s Crane Center were great and I was home by early afternoon. The next 24-hours were spent sleeping with a still-numb leg, because of a nerve-blocker, and spacing out in front of the television.

I got to take my first shower yesterday; that was an adventure in itself, but made much easier by a shower stool donated by my parents, who drove up to the Berkshires the day of the surgery and stayed throughout the weekend, bearing gifts along the way.

The shower stool was the first contribution, followed by a pie from Marion’s on the Cape, a roll of garlic bread, salad, and a lasagna.  Then came bits and pieces the ‘rents (they love that) picked up in their travels across the county. A highlight was a roll of dark-chocolate-covered Oreo cookies from Chocolate Springs.

Fast forward to today — I had my first physical therapy appointment, where it was confirmed that because my surgeon saved my meniscus (yay), I’ll be in a brace and on crutches for a month, unable to put any weight on my left leg. This is going to present some logistical challenges, but in the end I’m glad my knee has been repaired to the best possible condition. Now it’s up to me to keep the rehab going strong — unfortunately, for a large part that means literally sitting on my ass for extended periods of time.

True to my bloggy self, and with plenty of time on my hands, I’m posting my way through the coming weeks. I need plenty of hobbies — after only three days of being laid up, I’ve already seen more bad t.v. than I’m comfortable with. I’m afraid I might be losing IQ points through prolonged exposure to E! News and Nancy Grace.

Like people, though, some shows are soul-sucking and some bolster the spirits. At this very moment, for example, the cast of Family Guy is serenading me with a pitch-perfect version of The Rose. It doesn’t get better than that.

Here are some other things I’ve noticed in TVLand in the last few days:

  • Yasmeen Bleeth is in an inordinate amount of Lifetime movies.
  • Those Bridezillas? They’re cray cray. Like, out of this world bat-nuts.
  • Regional Reference: Huge-a-thon? Yeah, you, Billy. I’m lookin’ at you. You spend more money on advertising than Imelda Marcos did on shoes. You’re boring a hole into my brain. Quit it. And let Caroline talk.
  • I have a slightly unhealthy addiction to crime shows.

More updates from the 10-foot Universe to come.

For now:

CPM angle: 25 degrees

Currently watching: Wheel of Fortune.

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