The ChronicACLS, part two

So let’s take a minute to talk about the highlight of my day – a little board game called Huggermugger.

Due to some Internet issues in my apartment, NetFlix has been on the fritz and my laptop has been in paperweight mode. In this scenario and my current situation, my options were a Teen Mom marathon or staring at the ceiling praying for visitors.

Thankfully, the latter happened right about when Amber started yelling at Gary.

Amber Portwood hits Gary

My friend Caryl, who already delivered a cute little herb bouquet the other day, stopped in with an armful of rented DVDs from the library. Two other friends came by to offer moral support and company for a bit, and a third, Steph, knocked on the door bearing gifts: a six-pack of Ramen noodles, Goldfish crackers, and a cellophane-wrapped board game with a frog (toad?) on the box riding a unicycle.

As fun as it was there are more instructions for Huggermugger than what I imagine is provided to disarm a bomb.

The fun part, though, is that this is a game for Word Nerds: categories include Spelling Bee, Skeleton Key (multiple choice definitions), Horseshoe (a mix of ‘finish the quote’ and lists of 12 words that rhyme with ‘How’, for example), and Alphabet Soup (word jumble). The questions are listed on boxed cards reminiscent of Trivial Pursuit. From there though, the board itself and its accompanying ‘Mystery Wheel’ proved to complicate things a bit. The object of the game is to uncover the Mystery Word … let’s just say, in the end, we came up with H-Bald. I plan to leave the box of questions on the counter next to a pad of paper, though. That’s something everyone can enjoy.

In the end, Huggermugger covered nearly the full two hours of time needed for my second round in the CPM machine of the day — as I type, I’m cranking through round number three in pursuit of a 90-degree angle. At that point, this Medieval contraption goes back to the very nice folks at SurgiCare.

My only other updates today are entirely television related. It stinks that Teen Mom Maci has to deal with her baby-daddy disagreeing with preschool for car-themed-toddler Bentley. Tori Spelling demonstrated how to make a serving tray out of an old frame and some leftover wrapping paper on Rachael Ray. The latest Taco Bell commercial is an excellent use of social media to curate content for advertising spots, featuring Instagram photos from regular folks across the country. I should go Tweet that… it’s proof my brain hasn’t started fermenting yet.

Current CPM angle: 50 degrees

Currently Watching: Master Chef

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