these tu lips

Kemble Inn Chef's Tasting Dinner

As spring unfolds and I continue to see fresh tulips everywhere I go, I was reminded the other day of a poem — or rather, a portion of a more epic poem — by Saul Williams. I’ve had his book S/he on my shelf for 15 years, but haven’t looked at it for at least a decade. Today I pulled it out to share ‘i presented’ and found myself enjoying the book again on a different level than ever before. It’s at times sad, but poignant — and while I saw it as shared angst in my early twenties, now I see the work more as thoughtful analysis of human emotions and interaction. Time doesn’t change words, but it does sometimes alter how we see them.
Poem by Saul Williams
Tulip in a Teacup, Kemble Inn, Lenox, Mass., April 2013 (c)jcs
Easter Morning, The Village Inn, Lenox, Mass., March 2013 (c)jcs

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