All Hail the VoxBox


What’s that, you ask?

A voxbox is a little package of goodies a company sends out to influencers — basically, anyone who might hold enough sway on the interwebs to help sell a product — that usually contains a new or improved item of some sort.

I receive a handful of boxes a year from companies who partner with brands to create them, and they’re always a blast … the ceremonial unboxing, sorting through the fun little chotchkes inside, and sharing the bounty on social media.


Mind you, I’m not a product influencer of epic proportions, so we’re not talking vacuums and photo printers here. Think laundry detergent, earbuds, snacks, and the occasional rocks glass.

Most recently, I ended up on Nestle’s list for their new flavored water, Nestle Splash. I received a bottle of water (as one would hope), a new pair of shades, a fun straw, and a beach ball that we used with fervor during the last warm days of the season.

In an effort to cut through the clutter online of people posting photos of their own vox boxes on the kitchen counter or as part of an elaborate selfie, I decided to try a video take while sharing the goods with my followers.

You can see how that turned out (via the photo above or the link below).


All items mentioned in this post were received free for testing purposes.

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