The Fierce is with Me

In the mail for me on Valentines Day -- flowers? Candy? Paper hearts? Nay nay. I received shampoo, maxi-pads, nail polish & Vaseline... and I couldn't be happier. My latest VoxBox from Influenster -- the Fierce VoxBox, as it seems-- came last week and I've been having fun playing with the free stuff inside ever since... … Continue reading The Fierce is with Me

I Really Need To Get Myself Together.

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, but I am one for making lists. If I could fill a shopping cart to the brim all at once, I'd stock up on all those little luxuries I usually forgo these days.  For now I'll settle for choosing a personal reward for myself from this wishlist every … Continue reading I Really Need To Get Myself Together.

All Hail the VoxBox

What's that, you ask? A voxbox is a little package of goodies a company sends out to influencers -- basically, anyone who might hold enough sway on the interwebs to help sell a product -- that usually contains a new or improved item of some sort. I receive a handful of boxes a year from … Continue reading All Hail the VoxBox