The Bloggiest of Them All.

I love hosting Blogtoberfest each year.

It’s not something I invented; in fact, it was quite popular in the earlier years of blogging, and has waned. But I still love it, and the reason why is still the same: The People.

The bloggers. The podcasters. The influencers. The content producers. Every year, this little one-lady fiesta of mine reintroduces me to old friends and colleagues as it introduces me to new acquaintances.

Some of them aren’t even posting in the traditional sense… some (hi, Mum) are religious readers and avid commenters who add to the conversation as it evolves.

That’s the point … so let’s keep talking. Through the doldrums of November, the haste of December, the depression of January. We got this.

Special Blogtoberfest Thank Yous to

The Writers

Cory Mahnke <– The Winner!

Ben Ragusa

Andy DeSisto

Joe Schneiderman

Max Hartshorne

The Promoters

Geek Salad Radio

Angry Mancave

Nerdy Thursday

Winstanley Partners

The Blogtoberfesters

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