Handmade Holidays: Wax Hacks 

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I’ve been wanting to try this little DIY for months, and I finally got my chance — the super-melty art of recycling crayons.

By virtue of Pinterest and art fairs across the country, this is not a new craft, and a lot of people are already well aware of the how-and-what. But the results are so darn pretty I thought I’d share the recipe anyway.

First, I had to gather a slew of broken crayons. That’s not hard in a house inhabited by a toddler, but I’d also been squirreling away bits and pieces in a plastic bag in the junk drawer for a while. I did a final sweep last weekend and organized the unbroken crayons along the way.

I removed the remaining paper wrappers, and broke all of the pieces up into bits small enough to fit into the cups on my mini-muffin tin. In some, I grouped like shades together, but I also made a few color concoctions.

Into the oven they went — at 275 degrees, for about 10 minutes. The crayons melted into swirly little soups of wax, and the most difficult part of the whole project was removing them from the stove.

I set them on the counter to cool and then into the freezer overnight to set. The interwebs of crafty-craftertons debate whether the freezer-step is necessary, but when I turned the pan over the next day, each new crayon slipped out right away.

I think they’re very cute, but I’m happier that I now know this life hack actually works. It gives me the confidence to -maybe – get a little fancier next time. 

Check out the Pinterest board below for some of my favorite future fails…

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