Hey Mom, I’m an Ambassador!

Don’t worry, faithful readers… I haven’t joined the forthcoming U.S. government’s administration, and I’m not moving to Burma nor the Vatican.

I have, however, signed on for a new program in my neck of the woods as one of the #BFFAmbassadors!

BFF – or Berkshire Family Focus, as it’s known in full – is an online magazine for which I write from time to time. More importantly, though, it’s (IMO) the best resource for things to do in The Berkshires for families of all types. This month, the outlet is kicking things up a notch with a 12 Days of Giveaways promotion, which challenges local online influencers like myself to spread the word about 12 different organizations or businesses in the area by pointing people (like you?) to daily giveaways of great stuff to win!

What makes this campaign particularly awesome is 1) it’s local, and 2) we, the participants, have been given a little incentive to excel, too. It’s like a Game of Posts… the more links, photos, and dedicated hashtags we create, the more points we accrue. At the end of the contest, we’ll tally the points, then pick one of a dozen prizes for ourselves, in order of who scored highest-to-lowest. Everybody wins, but there’s still an element of competition for the Type A Personalities in the group (hi).

I’ll be posting links to the giveaways each day from now until December 16, both here within this post and on Instagram.


Today’s giveaway is two tickets to a Berkshire Theatre Group performance of A Christmas Carol. Enter up!

Day 1: http://berkshirefamilyfocus.com/12-days-giveaways-day-1-berkshire-theatre-group-christmas-carol/


Day 2: You could win one of two $25 gift certificates to Persnickety Toys in North Adams, Mass.! http://berkshirefamilyfocus.com/12-days-of-giveaways-day-2-persnickety-toys/

Day 3: Win tickets to one of WAM Theatre’s Fresh Take performances! http://berkshirefamilyfocus.com/12-days-of-giveaways-day-3-wam-theatre/

Day 4: A one-year  membership is up for grabs! http://berkshirefamilyfocus.com/12-days-giveaways-day-4-berkshire-museum/

Day 5: 20 lbs of propane? This livin’ in the mountains mama will take it. You? berkshirefamilyfocus.com/12-days-giveaways-day-5-george-propane





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