October Food 2019: Weirdly Delicious

This year, we’re starting Blogtober strong with its most popular post: The October Food Round-up!

2019 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the new and the ghoulishly cool of food trends. Whether it’s a DIY delicacy or a fine-dining find, it seems the foodies of the world have been positively salivating for October to arrive.

Well, here we are; a few snacks and sippers that offer eye-candy along with something new for the palate.

Spookshi, Don’tcha Know

There’s nothing new about sushi nor making food spooky, but day-glo-orange donuts these are not. It’s 2019’s Kitch-meets-kitchen Contender… Spookshi. The tutorial above is one of the simpler recipes, but I also came across a giant sushi brain, a centipede roll, and a massive jack-o-lantern platter made with salmon and nori.

Peckish for Pickle Popcorn

Pickled everything is en vogue and I’m totally on board. That said, pickled popped-corn is a new concoction, and its pickle-green complexion makes it a perfect October Food. Trader Joe’s Popcorn in a Pickle seems to hold the most real estate in this market, but there are also several home-recipes to be found.

Plus: can we make this guy go viral? I feel like he deserves it 😉 .

Orange You Glad I Brought Wine

New trend alert, VSCO Girls: Orange wine. Pro tip — it’s not made from oranges, but rather grapes that haven’t been de-skinned. Have fun with the heartburn in the wake of the recent Zantac ban, mah babehs.

Get Your Freakshake On

Yass, I am so ok with this, my freaks! People decry the caloric content of these treats, but anyone who can’t deduce that the ballpark-figure on a chocolate shake topped with a Snickers bar, 32 M&Ms, 12 gummy worms, and a salted-caramel brownie-muffin-thing is going to be over the daily recommendation, is a dumb-ass.

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