Cosplay with Your Food

While scavenging for the best Weird Food trends of 2019 for my annual post on the subject, I kept bumping up against news of another trend — that of mega-fast-food chains creating, marketing, and selling their own, branded Halloween costumes.

From spokesmen of vaguely military persuasion to representations of base-ingredients (dressing as the whole sandwich? That’s so last season), four of the more recognizable franchises on the block have introduced their takes on cosplay. Behold the cheesy goodness:

It’s All About the String Tie


People have been dressing up like the Colonel for years, but now there’s an official KFC permutation of the icon’s white-fox-look. KFC has partnered with Spirit Halloween to offer the masses an ensemble that — as the press release reads — “includes a dapper button front jacket with attached shirt, dress pants, facial hair, glasses, and a handsome wig.”

America Runs Screaming From Dunkin’

The all-mighty Dunks got in on the action this year, too, entering the fray with the totally-not-unsettling Dunkin’ Runner costume. Dunkin’ unveiled the Runner at New York Fashion Week – a stunt I didn’t know was a thing, and one that probably threw off more than a few caffeine-deprived fashion editors.

I Bet No-one Wants to be Verde

Both KFC and Dunkin’ took their costume cues from the DIY versions their fans created first, and Taco Bell is doing the same, introducing a full range that includes sauce-packet slip dresses, a Gordita Crunch Wrap tunic, and a burrito baby-bunting. It all sounds very comfortable, which is an underrated quality in a costume, in my opinion.

Two All-beef Hoodies

Speaking of comfort, McDonalds hasn’t unveiled a new Hamburglar or Grimace get-up this year to my knowledge, but it has introduced a full line of “night-in”-wear as part of the promotion around its McDelivery service. The hooded sesame-seed blanket and the take-out-bag sleep-sack are the best contenders for an actual party-ready costume, but I also love the idea of doling out treats at home while lounging in an oversized melty-cheese sweatshirt and Big Mac leggings.

…Have you seen any other mouth-watering costumes coming out of fast-food nation? Let us know below!