Blogtoberfest Viewing: 31 Days of Halloween, part one

I try to document my October viewing every year, usually because that means listing at least 31 horror-tastic films.

However, there are more family-friendly choices on my list this year than ever before; it’s much harder to sneak a spook past my small child-adult-human than it used to be.

So, I give you the first four: two were totally five-year-old appropriate, one not-so-much, and the third we should have let her watch alone – she may have been able to explain the plot to us.

I’ll let you decipher…

Disneyland at Halloween

1. Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic – Hulu

Reality; a behind-the-scenes look at decorating Disney parks and cruise ships for Halloween.

2. Uncanny Annie – Hulu

Horror; “play-the-game-to-win” format.

3. Most Terrifying Places – Travel Channel

Reality; a round-up of creepy mansions, tunnel systems, and abandoned properties around the world.

4. Mickey’s House of Villians

Cartoon; a clip-show focused on Disney villians, a la Cruella, Maleficent, and the (pre-redemption) Beast.

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