31 Days of Halloween Viewing, Part Two

The boo-viewing continues… here’s part two of my 31 Days of Halloween television recommendations! Read part one here.

5. Midnight Meat Train — Hulu

Horror; a pre-fame Bradley Cooper tries to figure out why a well-dressed man works nights in a meat-packing plant. Sorta. This was a re-watch for me, and overall it still holds up.

6. The Purge, Election Year — Amazon Prime

Horror; though, at times, feels like a documentary.

7. The First Purge — Amazon Prime

Horror; the origin story for The Purge franchise. Creepy contacts.

8. The Clovehitch Killer — Hulu

Crime Drama; Dylan McDermott transforms into a killer Scout Leader with a bad goatee.

9. Haunted Gingerbread Showdown — Food Network

Reality; challenges include recreating scenes from Ghostbusters out of cake and frosting.

10. Halloween Baking Championship — Food Network

Reality; judges in costumes, contestants in disarray.

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