McObsessed Much?

I noticed recently that my newsfeeds include what some might call an unhealthy percentage of articles about McDonalds.

It’s not surprising, necessarily. Mickey D tends to pop up as part of larger topics I follow: marketing, retro-pop, foodieism, economics, travel, and even crime. After clicking on a nice McSampling, it didn’t take long for the Algorithm Gods to catch on, and now I’m delivered multiple McStories each week.

As I remarked to a coworker today, though, “news light” has become an important part of my daily mental-health regimen. Relegating news consumption to only the top headlines of the day can easily set any of us off on a bummer trip, and most (though not all) stories about the McEmpire are at least entertaining.

It’s not untimely news, either; McD’s is currently seeing record foot-traffic due to its BTS Meal, for instance, and is at the forefront of the employment crisis, wooing staff with promises of iPhones upon hire.

There are a bevy of homes out there on the market with awesome McDecor, and less awesome McKitch. There’s even a McBarge looking for a home.

In product news, I’m constantly disappointed that the really cool McMerchandise is consistently unavailable in the U.S., not to mention food items. Just this week, I was introduced to a blueberry cream cheese pie, a Samurai pork burger, and a McFalafel — all requiring a passport for tasting.

But, there’s always a healthy serving of nostalgia floating around on the Interwebs to ease the McPain: vintage commercials, throwback toys, and the ever-present resurrected menu item.

All this, and today’s headline is one of Mac’s top PR execs turned in his wrappers… oh, the McIrony.

Fry and McRib photos by WikimediaImages

BTS Meal photo via McDonalds Corporation /PR Newswire

Number of McPuns in this post = at least 11

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