Wayback Wednesday: Energy Art in Greenfield, Mass.

A call for entries into an energy-conservation-themed photo contest came across my Instagram feed recently, and it reminded me of some photos I took several years ago at the Greenfield Energy Park in Greenfield, Mass.

Greenfield Energy Park is one-and-a-quarter acre of open space created in 1999 from the site of an abandoned railroad station. It’s the product of efforts by the town of Greenfield and the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), an organization I first learned of when writing about it — also ages ago.

It’s not just a public park, though — it’s also home to myriad art installations, rows of rotating community gardens, a concert series, and a railway museum housed in a vintage caboose. Below are some of my favorite shots with as much detail as I can provide. Leave any Greenfield Energy Park tips of your own in the comments; it’s been more than a decade since I’ve been there.

The Greenfield Clock, a solar sculpture by artist Gregory Curci, was commissioned by NESEA and features 12 passengers in the cars who “sit up” one-by-one on the hour to tell the time.
The rainbow staircase from the park to Bank Row was created with ceramic tiles stained by Catherine Winship.
The Wind Can Take You Anywhere, a wind sculpture by Gregory Curci.
A close-up on the 1944 train caboose museum in the park; I call it McBolt.

Finally, if you’re in the Hudson, N.Y. area in the next few weeks, consider hunting for photos of energy-efficient beauty on its streets, thus contributing to the inspiration for this post — and another very funky city.

The back of a steel sun shaped sculpture with the artists name and 2001 painted in white on it. Artist name is curci.
Artist’s signature I…
Close up of paints tiles on a staircase that are green and blue. The artists name Catherine winship is carved into one of the tiles.
…and II

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