a man with a burger king mask and medallion standing at the top of a hill on a street. There is a city skyline behind him.

The Incredible, Edible Costume Round-up of 2022

It’s Spooky Season, and the brands are back with their entrees into the costume-as-PR game.

The menu is a little lighter this year than it has been in the past, when the neighborhood streets teemed with unsettling hoardes of the Burger King, Ronald, and the Man Who Runs on Dunkin’.

But Spirit Halloween, which has collabed with brands before – my most recent favorite being the Colonel – is keeping the sugar show going, having joined forces this year with Mountain Dew to offer the carbonated costume in three flavors (Baja Blast, Code Red, and original) plus the added Voo-Dew Grim Reaper get-up.

This Dewsome pairs easily with any of the Cheetos brand-collab costumes, including bag, slutty dress, and individual Cheeto. Or, add protein with the White Castle Chicken Fries costume.

In a party full of life-sized foods and beverages, though, Franzia may top them all with its Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon costumes, which glow in the dark and come complete with 5L bags of wine and working spouts. There’s also a less expensive, non-wine-dispensing version of the Sunset Blush box, if that’s more your jam.

As an aside, Franzia’s year-round merch game is on. Point. Winter? Peep the Franzia pom-pom hats, ugly sweaters, and gift wrap. Spring? They’ve got push pins and plush pillows for your home-improvement needs. Summer brings with it the one-piece bathing suit and pool float, and we’ve already covered the interactive wine-tunics of Fall, 2022.

Officially licensed alcoholic ensembles don’t stop with wine, either — Anheuser-Busch has a full selection of bottles and cans, both original and light, and Fireball has entered the chat with two versions of a nip bottle.

Feature image Big Wheel Race 2013: Burger King Guy Fashion by Lynn Friedman, via flickr.

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Gee, Your Food Looks Haunted: 2013 Edition

In the spirit of both Blogtoberfest and Foodieism, I culled some of this year’s stranger food-related headlines for another look at October-appropriate Eats.

The $340,000 Lab-grown Burger

Cultured Beef 01_600

Recently scientists made headlines by creating a hamburger in a lab that, while genetically identical to beef, isn’t actually beef. It’s more of a muscle-fiber approximation. I’ll let you read more about the Frankenmeat here.

Hungary for Blood

Expedia recently launched Listopedia – basically, a series of travel Bucket Lists – and one of the many collections of randomness included is strange foods around the world. My choice for something that’s a little stomach churning but still within my foodie comfort zone (theoretically) is The Veres.

The Veres is a Hungarian dish with origins somewhere around the 15th century and was once considered a meal of the poor. Apparently, it’s a tasty concoction of pig’s blood, boiled until cooked and minced like meat, then added to other boiled pig organs, also minced, and pieces of boiled bacon. I mean, there’s bacon, so I guess I could give it a try.

The Home of the Ninja

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 12.53.27 AM

Leave it to Japan to make American fast food look even stranger than it already does. Burger King Japan has just unveiled its ‘Kuro Ninja‘ burger, a mish-mash of American and Japanese flavors and a giant, wagging tongue protruding out of its jet-black bun.

I actually had to surf through a few different sites to get a complete list of ingredients; as far as I can manage, this limited-release creation consists of wide-size hash browns, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, a Whopper patty, a huge slab of “King’s Bacon,” and a blackish brown Chaliapin sauce — which I learned is a garlic-onion soy sauce named after a Russian opera singer — on a bun made black by mixing bamboo charcoal into the dough.

I Only have Eyes for You… and ears, and a brain, maybe an appendix

colon chocolate

I’m all about accuracy when it comes to the English language, so I appreciate a chocolatier who makes an anatomically correct candy heart … and plenty of other body parts. Visual Anatomy Limited offers a wide array of organs, limbs, and appendages in white, dark, and milk chocolate. The business also proves that we truly can do anything we set our minds to… VAL is a one-woman outfit specializing in medical illustrations, which led to molds of chocolates…if a chocolate colon isn’t a niche, I don’t know what is.

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