Gee, Your Food Looks Haunted: 2013 Edition

In the spirit of both Blogtoberfest and Foodieism, I culled some of this year’s stranger food-related headlines for another look at October-appropriate Eats.

The $340,000 Lab-grown Burger

Cultured Beef 01_600

Recently scientists made headlines by creating a hamburger in a lab that, while genetically identical to beef, isn’t actually beef. It’s more of a muscle-fiber approximation. I’ll let you read more about the Frankenmeat here.

Hungary for Blood

Expedia recently launched Listopedia – basically, a series of travel Bucket Lists – and one of the many collections of randomness included is strange foods around the world. My choice for something that’s a little stomach churning but still within my foodie comfort zone (theoretically) is The Veres.

The Veres is a Hungarian dish with origins somewhere around the 15th century and was once considered a meal of the poor. Apparently, it’s a tasty concoction of pig’s blood, boiled until cooked and minced like meat, then added to other boiled pig organs, also minced, and pieces of boiled bacon. I mean, there’s bacon, so I guess I could give it a try.

The Home of the Ninja

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 12.53.27 AM

Leave it to Japan to make American fast food look even stranger than it already does. Burger King Japan has just unveiled its ‘Kuro Ninja‘ burger, a mish-mash of American and Japanese flavors and a giant, wagging tongue protruding out of its jet-black bun.

I actually had to surf through a few different sites to get a complete list of ingredients; as far as I can manage, this limited-release creation consists of wide-size hash browns, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, a Whopper patty, a huge slab of “King’s Bacon,” and a blackish brown Chaliapin sauce — which I learned is a garlic-onion soy sauce named after a Russian opera singer — on a bun made black by mixing bamboo charcoal into the dough.

I Only have Eyes for You… and ears, and a brain, maybe an appendix

colon chocolate

I’m all about accuracy when it comes to the English language, so I appreciate a chocolatier who makes an anatomically correct candy heart … and plenty of other body parts. Visual Anatomy Limited offers a wide array of organs, limbs, and appendages in white, dark, and milk chocolate. The business also proves that we truly can do anything we set our minds to… VAL is a one-woman outfit specializing in medical illustrations, which led to molds of chocolates…if a chocolate colon isn’t a niche, I don’t know what is.

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