The Fierce is with Me

In the mail for me on Valentines Day — flowers? Candy? Paper hearts? Nay nay.

I received shampoo, maxi-pads, nail polish & Vaseline… and I couldn’t be happier.

My latest VoxBox from Influenster — the Fierce VoxBox, as it seems– came last week and I’ve been having fun playing with the free stuff inside ever since… and, as they’d hope, discovering some new brands.

The SheaMoisture shampoo and blow-out creme, for instance, smells amazing. So much so it felt as though I’d cleaned the bathroom after I took a shower ( I did actually clean it the next day but the illusion was nice while it lasted).

Also included in this month’s box o fun:
Kandee Johnson nail polish

Carefree Acti-fresh liners

Vaseline. Not sure what’s Fierce about it but ok.

Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture

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