The Top 10 WriterJax Posts of 2022

Reviewing a year of blog posts is similar to culling photos for the annual holiday card. It's an exercise that sparks memories, offers reassurance that the year was busier or more well-spent than remembered, and always uncovers a few gems in the batch, suitable for (re)sharing with others.

Art with Little Purpose

My latest foray into paper crafting is making playing-card-sized collages. Most are 2x3, and currently overflowing from the container they’re in, because I don’t yet know what to do with most of them. Some have been turned into gift tags; others ended up in my current Project Life scrapbook as embellishments. Other than that, these … Continue reading Art with Little Purpose

Layouts in Red, Orange, and Yellow

layout jcs 2022 layout jcs 2022 layout jcs 2022 Supplies include apothecary stickers; vintage paper and Pantone, cloud, phrase, and vintage washi tape stickers all from Shein; washi tape from The Washi Tape Shop; repurposed pages from a vintage gardening book; moo mini-card with original photo; repurposed New Yorker cartoon from a used planner; repurposed … Continue reading Layouts in Red, Orange, and Yellow

Black History Month Layout Featuring Azzari Jarrett Designs

In my search for other paper crafters online recently, I found Azzari Jarrett’s blog, which features design, photography, storytelling, and more. In February, Azzari offered some free printables to honor Black History Month, and I was able to use many of them in a recent Project Life page. This layout was created to document a … Continue reading Black History Month Layout Featuring Azzari Jarrett Designs

Monthly Intro Pages, part 3

February scrap layout 2022 (c) jcs This was the quickest “retrospective” layout I’ve made since I started this process: today is March 6, and I’ve just completed this monthly intro page for February. It’s pink to match the handmade Valentine pages, with plenty of winks to love: including a couple that remind us love can … Continue reading Monthly Intro Pages, part 3