Monthly Intro Pages, part 3


scrap layout 2022 (c) jcs

This was the quickest “retrospective” layout I’ve made since I started this process: today is March 6, and I’ve just completed this monthly intro page for February.

It’s pink to match the handmade Valentine pages, with plenty of winks to love: including a couple that remind us love can be deathly.

It’s also one of the more literal pages I’ve created; the Scrabble-tile month-label is a nod to an actual game with a friend — notable because it was the first in years. It was a good month for travel and gifts, and I really did spend some time with penguins.


Astrobright Pastel pink card stock

Patterned scrap paper

Repurposed greeting card

Apothecary Stickers

Rhinestone gem stickers

Month and hand-heart stickers printed with Phomemo mini-printer

SHEIN Stationery stickers

Washi tape – Lunar New Year themed

Patterned roller stamper


scrap layout 2022 (c) jcs

We’re only just in March, so this layout is part hope, part intuition, part planning. I imagine the gardening will kick off this month, for one…but I’m not interested in over scheduling myself. Just to keep an eye on the horizon, and to keep writing.


Astrobright Pastel green card stock

Patterned scrap paper

Repurposed greeting card

Repurposed magazine illustration

Original photo

Itinerary sticker

Repurposed kid’s sticker book sticker

Apothecary Stickers

Rhinestone gem stickers

SHEIN Stationery stickers

Washi tape – Lunar New Year themed, light gray

Alphabet, typewriter font stamps

Both pages are 8.5×11 in a 12×12 album; shown in-book.

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