PhotoExpo 2005

Just returned from covering PhotoExpo 2005 in New York CIty. A great convention, with surprisingly easily navigable and accessible displays, given the size of the event … Im planning a new product story concentrating on consumer-level cameras and equipment, and a holiday gift guide for shutterbugs.

Doing some extra research at the Times Square Brewery…

It never ceases to amaze me how big the Photog world actually is, and still such a mystery to so many people. Still, these conventions are the kinds of things that nearly anyone can enjoy, or at least find something to pique their interest. Take for instance this cool company, Portrait Tapestries, which weaves a rendition of any photo into a blanket, wallhanging, or pillow. Pretty funky, and you don’t have to be a photo-nerd to enjoy it.

Attendees learning about Apple’s new program Aperture.

And if the products don’t wow you, conventions are a veritable goldmine for people watching. Some highlights of the day were two reality tv stars, a female cop who threw a nutty on a red SUV trying to make an illegal turn, and Bob Dever and Susie Seigel… the two assumed names of convention goers who, in order to get a discount on the $40 entry fee, scalped passes from a man on the street.

Scalping passes to a Photo Expo? There’s a new one. I hope neither the FBI nor the APA (American Photography Association) are out looking for you, Nate and Nikki!

Published: Sunday, 23 October 2005 Tags: photography journalism scalping reporter press writer photoexpo writing

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