The Wisdom of Coca-Cola

… Im pitching article ideas left and right. Just had my Ireland /France rail travel story published at, now I’m working on several photo-related articles and a story about taking advantage of the oh-so-easy MARTA system to explore Atlanta, the city from which I just returned.

But my advice this week to fellow scribblers is this: you’ve always got your pens, no matter what else is going on in your life. And sitting in the airport yesterday, it occurred to me that ironic, or appropriate, little moments in life are happening all the time, so you don’t necessarily have to fly to Europe or Atlanta or Timbuktu in order to have something to write about.

All I did yesterday, for instance, was unscrew the cap of my Diet Coke and look to see if I’d won a free 16 ouncer or a t-shirt, and life was suddenly, absurdly, put into perspective. The cap read “Thanks for Playing, Please Try Again.” No Shakepearean sonnet nor Edward R. Murrow commentary on life as we know it could have summed things up better for me, so I’m taking that ridiculous piece of advice to heart.

Story rejected? Editor being a boob? Writer’s block? Photos fuzzy? Did the cat claw your new shoes? Roof leaking? Rent hiked? Heart broken? Thanks for Playing. Now please, try again. -wj10/2005

Atlanta photos:

The National Catholic Youth Conference was in town. Here I got caught in a demonstration of prayer… oddly though, photography was allowed.

Strolling through Olympic Park, I stumbled upon a NASCAR event. Kyle Petty? Perry? Not sure… but he was kind enough to smile for me.

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