The 2009 Oscar Party Winners

The annual Oscar Party was an overall smash, and the competition was fierce in the food competition this year! As expected, guests brought Indian food inspired by Slumdog Millionaire, and yes – a carton of Milk showed up. It even won a prize. But there were some other trends, including sweets, a lot of Benjamin Button bites (the film did better at our house than it did at the Kodak), and more than one Oscar-inspired adult beverage, which was a departure from previous years.

As such, the wheels also fell off this wagon for a few of us. But a good time was had by all.

That said, I’ve made everyone wait long enough for the winners’ list. Here goes:

Best Name: MILK. We surmised that it had more to do with the additional text on this entry than just ‘MILK,’ or everyone just felt like being wise-asses. Either way, it was a pretty funny entry by Jon:

Best Tasting: Sticky Bars-elona, by Gina and Toro. I don’t have a photo because they were gone too soon. Here’s Gina (and Teen) celebrating her win.

Most Creative: Tropic Thunder Island, by Teen

The Connelly (best supporting performance): Tropical Thunder Breeze, a cocktail by Nikki.

This drink is largely to blame for many of us getting a case of the far-away eyes later in the evening. Proof:

…what can I say. It tasted like punch. But it wasn’t just punch. ooooh nooooo.

Here are some Honorable Mentions:

Kung Fu Panda, by TooheyWorld and TooheyMomster :

The Frosty Nixon, by GrammarGirl

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’s Bruschetta, by Jenny

Lavatory Love Story, by Derick and Jen

…and ‘Pulling Off a Great Oscar Win,’ by the Hallett Sisters of Centerville

This year for prizes, I used popcorn boxes from iParty and little personal bottles of Asti. TooheyMomster’s daughter, TooheyBug #1, created the art I put inside from vintage pin-up posters.

…and here we all are.

Published: Tuesday, 3 March 2009 Tags: oscar party


Allie‘ left this comment on 5 Mar 09
How cool! The entries and the prizes are so creative! Sounds like it was a really fun night!

Dawn‘ left this comment on 4 Mar 09
I totally remember when you posted about last year’s party. I am so amazed by the creativity of the entries!

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