Flashback Friday: Postcard Round Robin

I really want to start this up again! From 2008…

A few weeks ago, Vanessa at Random Ramblings started a Postcard Round Robin on TSB, and a few bloggers started exchanging snail mail with each other. Today, mixed in with the bills and the PennySaver, I got my first postcard from Vanessa herself – one she picked up while in San Fran, at this year’s BlogHer.

postcard round robin

I sent my card to her earlier this week, so I hope she gets it soon – unlike V, I was not so smart as to afix a return address label, so if the 41-cent stamp that’s no good for a real letter anymore comes loose (I pried it off a pre-stamped envelope I had in my office, I’m not going to lie), I’m screwed.

It’s cool to step out of the blogosphere every now and again, especially when making connections with new people. And postcards are fun – they’re sort of the early version of Twitter, and make for good collectibles. I have a collection of post- and art-cards that once graced the kitchen cabinets at my old apartment, and now are taped up in various places around my desk. I pick them up on trips and from museums and stores, and some were sent to me by friends and family.


On the sending end, making sure I send a postcard to my niece has been an important part of every vacation or press trip for me for years. This tradition started with my older sister, her mom, who always sent a postcard home to me while on her travels. Now, I have two nieces, and as such two people to make sure receive a little greeting when I’m away.

Thanks for adding to the tradition, V! Looking forward to adding to the collection…

postcard round robin

Published: Saturday, 2 August 2008 Tags: postcard roundrobin tsb thirtysomething blogger random ramblings crazy says what twitter blogher


A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Aug 08
Isn’t it so much fun to get a random postcard in the mail? =) She is so good at sending them too. I’ve gotten three so far! I’ve only sent her one. =( I have not been very far from home lately (too HOT here to go anywhere) but I am going on vacation in two & a half weeks so I should have some opportunities hopefully to send some her way!

writerjax‘ left this comment on 8 Aug 08
no problem! We all have so many great things to read. Getting a postcard was really the highlight of the day, the day I received it. I hope yours comes soon if it hasn’t already! Clearly, i was worried about that stamp.

A visitor‘ left this comment on 8 Aug 08
WriterJax, I’m sorry I didn’t see this! I’m glad you got the postcard! I’ll send another soon, although I can’t promise it will be from someplace exciting like San Francisco.

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